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Anna as werefeline - reference by VixenDra Anna as werefeline - reference by VixenDra
Character belongs to me:iconvixendra: and represents one of my shapeshifting forms.

stripes (especially facial) are NOT random!

colour is a variation of red
irl sample:Feline Form by VixenDra

Name: Anna
Gender: female
Orientation: pansexual
Status: Coealescenced(taken)
Draffectionate(beloved): Tom
Type: shapeshifter
Species: unspecific feline, face shape and tail shape are irbis(snow leopard)
Bodytype: neutral(not skinny and not fat;) just famine); digitigrade legs
Breasts: ~G/H cup(the actual, not like those monsters in anime-_-), no nipples visible
Bodycoat: fur
Hair: starting on the neck, very diversified in length - like extremally layered, the longest hair reaching the bottom tail base
Special features: color scheme; plenty of characteristic stripes, plenty of markings (dark: eartip, eyes, nose, spine, hairtips; light: forehead, eyes, bottom jaw, front of the: neck, torso and tail, innerside of ears, arms, legs and paws, tailtip), hidable claws, pointy eartips, no navel visible, feline-like genitalia (note me or check the gallery of Draffectionates on>

Colors(from upper to bottom):
1 - main
2 - light markings
3 - eyes
4 - dark markings/claws/paw pads
5 - nose(both)/mouth(the upper color)/tongue(the lower color)

Gravity Boobs by SparkLum - if you ask me which attempt I prefer for my alter-ego^^

:iconvixendra:Anna's other forms:
Anna as werevixen - reference by VixenDra

Mature Content

Anna as equine - reference by VixenDra
Anna as naga - reference by VixenDra Anna as gryphoness - reference by VixenDra Anna as Dragoness - reference by VixenDra Anna as eastern dragoness - reference by VixenDra
SIZE CHART: All basic forms of Anna and Tom-SIZE CHART by VixenDra

Can be paired to :icontomsshape:'s shapeshifting forms ONLY! Please respect our Draffective relationship.
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31iza Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
HOLY MOLY!! This is so awesome!! great design! :heart:
SarinaAeon Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
ooooh, lovely :3
rosey996 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013  Student General Artist
alexandergreat20 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
rest is cut off XD you know what i mean
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