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Billie/Wilhelm (profile view) by VixenDra Billie/Wilhelm (profile view) by VixenDra
A quick portrait to finish my Billie's facial design at last. Definitely pleased! THIS is Billie:D

Srry, I broke my schedule:( but I needed to define his side-view for much over a year... and today I was in no mood to draw anything else-_-

I started from Bill Kaulitz's photo, tweaked to make it closer to Billie's general shape: (check) and also had a look at Avril Lavigne after drawing the outline of Billie - though she only helped me to define the nose, I happened to get things like I wanted surprisingly easly this time! BTW I knew it he's got sth from Avril too. So yeah, to draw Billie start with mixing Bill Kaulitz and Avril Lavigne adding Billie's traits ^^
(significantly slanted eyes, straight-innocent eyebrows, more protruding nose and upper lip, deeper nose base, longer nose, pointy and angular nose tip pointing slightly upwards, M shaped lips, jaw moved to the back(bottom lip and chin are both lined behind the upper lip), longer(downwards) and a bit pointy angular chin, exaggeratedly protruding jawbone, thin and traingular/hearty face in general, narrower forehead, and ofc the white mutagen on all hair, messy layered haircut, longest hair reaching the middle of the back, don't forget the black make-up on his eyes - it's like Harry Potter's lightning scar to me!:P)

Billie (C):iconvixendra: "Draffectill"

You MAY draw fanart of him, however, please, respect my rules^^ (basically - don't argue with the canon)

.:Bullet:. Patreon by FreakyEdMY PATREON PAGE
(Wanna see the "Draffectill" characters and story become a thing?
Help me reach the $70 goal, please!)

Gold-Oromis Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
I like how he evolved
wiewioora94 Featured By Owner May 7, 2016
Omg he's georgeous here, awesome work! I got excited;P I'm glad to see Draffectill is not dead and I wish you reach your Patreon goal so you can work on it further!
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May 5, 2016
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